Q: When should we expect Season 3 of Amazon Prime's superb thriller "Jack Ryan" to appear?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Will "eventually" do you? How about "sometime"? The pandemic has made predicting these things nearly impossible, but I can say that it will happen.

Amazon cut a deal for Season 3 back in February 2019, before the second season even aired. Then the second season was released in late October and it was a hit -- even more successful than the first, in fact -- and so Amazon was surely even more excited to be in the "Jack Ryan" business.

And then the pandemic hit.

It looks as if the show hadn't even started filming before the subsequent production shutdown. The last big news about the show came in January, when we heard it had changed showrunners again. Former "Star Trek: Discovery" producer Vaun Wilmott has taken over head writing duties from "Prison Break" creator Paul Scheuring, who in turn had stepped in for original "Jack Ryan" showrunner Carlton Cuse.

At the time, Wilmott was said to be "working on the scripts" with star and fellow writer John Krasinski ("The Office"). Fortunately, that's something that can be done at a distance, so in the intervening months, they've probably made a good deal of headway on that and on the rest of pre-production.

That means they'll be able to hit the ground running once production begins again, but that still leaves a lot of work to do before the season is released.


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