Q: When is the new season of "Long Lost Family" going to start on TLC? It's my favorite show.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

"Soon." I know that's not much, but it's all they're giving us.

Both of "Long Lost Family's" hosts have shared pictures of themselves filming episodes of the upcoming Season 6. This is definitive proof that it's coming, which is the most important news. But they're both being cagey about when.

Lisa Joyner, for example, shared a picture of herself from an older episode on her Instagram account a few weeks ago. When a commenter asked if the show was renewed for a sixth season, she responded pretty quickly with a "Yes!" When the fan followed up with "When?," Joyner went silent.

By comparison, host Chris Jacobs was positively chatty about it. He posted a photo of himself shooting an episode of the upcoming season, and when he was asked when it would air, he replied, "Coming soon!"

This reticence could be a ploy to drum up some anticipation, or it could just be because they don't know either.

It's more likely the latter. If they're just filming, that means the air-date decision probably hasn't been made yet, and it could be a while.

The show has bounced around TLC's schedule a little, which is usually the case with reality shows on cable, so we can't make any predictions based on past air dates. However, we're coming up on a year since the last season, which premiered in October. This one may not follow a clear pattern, but a year between seasons of a cable reality show is uncommon.


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