Q: When is "Doctor Who" coming back? It is coming back, right?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

There will be new "Doctor Who" episodes airing well into our future, which is great news for fans, but also a bit of a problem, because they also don't start until well into the future.

The most recent episode aired on New Year's Day of this year, and the network announced at the time that Season 12 wouldn't premiere until "early 2020."

Of course, there's speculation that that means New Year's Day again -- the show has a tradition of doing a holiday season episode every year, and the producers have been keen to keep that sort of continuity up amid the other changes the show's going through.

Those changes include a new actor (Jodie Whittaker, "Broadchurch") playing the Doctor -- the first time a woman's stepped into the role -- and a new showrunner (Chris Chibnall, "Gracepoint") who is keen to make the show as accessible to newcomers as he can.

BBC has shown some faith in Whittaker and Chibnall, reportedly renewing the show all the way through Season 15. 

In other good news for fans, Chibnall has said he's willing to loosen up his original rule against borrowing from old "Doctor Who" lore for plot points -- expect to see more beloved enemies like Daleks, Cybermen and more in the coming season(s).


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