Q: What is Sharon Osbourne's claim to fame, other than being married to Ozzy?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

She has none. That's not to say that she rode to fame on the long, black-velvet coattails of her heavy-metal husband, though -- she rode there beside him.

Sharon Rachel Levy, born in October 1952 in London's Brixton neighborhood, met Ozzy Osbourne while her father was managing Ozzy's band, Black Sabbath. When Ozzy left the band to go solo, Sharon became his manager. They became romantically involved soon afterward.

However, that would just be the first step toward Sharon's larger music-management career, which has since included such other successful rock bands as Electric Light Orchestra, Smashing Pumpkins and Motorhead.

She's known as a tough negotiator with strong business acumen, which, according to a recent profile of her on The Biography Channel, is surprising since her father had very little.

Though he was a successful manager as well, he reportedly handled his own family's finances poorly, and as a result, young Sharon was forever bouncing between riches and rags.

Sharon has said that she wanted a similar breadth of experience for her own children, but done properly, by choice. She raised their three kids (TV audiences may be familiar with Jack and Kelly Osbourne, but there's an elder daughter, Aimee, who refused to appear on their MTV reality show, "The Osbournes") in a quiet English neighborhood, but in the summer she took them on the road with Ozzy, staying in posh hotels all the way.

"It was a good learning experience for the kids; they learned that it's not all like Beverly Hills," she told The Biography Channel.

Sharon remained behind the scenes, in both a business and family capacity, until the debut of "The Osbournes" on MTV in 2002. The series ran for three years on MTV and was a huge success, widely seen now as a template for the flood of "celebreality" shows that followed.

Now, of course, Sharon is a star in her own right. She has served as judge on other reality shows, including "America's Got Talent" and the British "X Factor," and is now a co-host of the daytime chat show "The Talk" on CBS.


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