Q: What has happened to Michaela Pereira on HLN?  Will she be coming back?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

TV news hosting is a job, too, and like so many people with other (admittedly more common) jobs, Michaela Pereira was laid off. As things stand, Pereira and her show, cleverly named "MichaeLA," will not be coming back.

HLN went through a major restructuring process in the fall, cutting back on live news in favor of prerecorded "long-form programs."

"In today's news environment, every network has to focus on its strengths," network boss Ken Jautz said at the time. "To ensure HLN's growth, we will shift some of our resources from live to long-form programming and produce our live shows in as streamlined a manner as possible."

Streamlining, in this case, meant extending the hours of some other live-news shows and laying off three well-known faces: Pereira, Ashleigh Banfield and Carol Costello.

Pereira handled it like the professional she is, continuing her show for another 10 days after the announcement. And her big retrospective moment in the final episode, which aired Oct. 26, wasn't about her at all -- she aired five minutes of clips of the various guests she had on her show over the years.

Her Facebook and Twitter accounts basically went silent after that episode, though in response to one fan's request, she promised to keep us up to date on what she does next. No word yet, though.


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