Q: What has happened to "The Good Fight"?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Not to worry, "The Good Fight" is just on a break between seasons and should be back for more (though we don't know when). But that only tells part of the story.

If you're watching it on regular television, you just saw the end of its first season at the beginning of August on CBS. But it's actually aired three seasons already on CBS's web-based streaming service, CBS All Access. It premiered online in 2017, two years before CBS moved it to traditional TV.

And there are more episodes to come. CBS All Access renewed the show for a fourth season, though it hasn't announced a release date.

For the traditional TV viewers, this all means there are two more seasons already in the bag, and one more on the way for CBS to air -- assuming it chooses to do so.

And it likely will. "The Good Fight" averaged 3.2 million viewers per episode on CBS, which is not amazing (especially by CBS's standards), but it is respectable, especially in the summer.

But that's again where this is an interesting case -- numbers like that are almost certainly good enough to justify putting it back on the air, considering that the episodes have already been made and are just sitting in the vault.

There are a number of reasons why CBS is so invested in this project. Star Christine Baranski is a proven TV star and legal dramas are an evergreen genre, but most importantly, "The Good Fight" came with a built-in audience -- it's a spinoff of the long-running drama "The Good Wife."


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