Q: What has Chris Vance been doing since "The Transporter" ended?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Looking for his next big thing, it seems.

He'd done a series of long arcs in beloved shows ("Burn Notice," "Prison Break") before landing the lead in the high-profile, international series "Transporter: The Series" (based on the popular film franchise).

Since that series ended in 2014 after two seasons (and a lot of behind-the-scenes production drama), he's taken on two more long arcs in beloved shows. He played a character named Non in the first season of CW's big-budget "Supergirl" series and has held a recurring role as Harry Langford for the past few seasons of CBS's "Hawaii Five-0."

It seems he's at it again, too, with news breaking last summer that he would do an arc as a major villain in the upcoming season of the Amazon original series "Bosch." Despite the fact that the season premieres in just a couple of weeks, there's been no word on when exactly Vance will show up.

Assuming he does show up, he'll be playing Dalton Walsh, the head of an opioid ring that seems to be Det. Bosch's biggest problem this season.


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