Q: What is happening with Vanessa Helsing? We were with her sister and mother the last couple episodes with no clues on her status after getting shot. When will we see her again?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

The prophecies say that Vanessa Helsing will rise again, sometime in the fall TV season (the prophecies are pretty light on details).

We can take the prophecies at their word, because they come from the show's writers as well as from Kelly Overton, also known as Vanessa Helsing herself.

Vanessa, cleverly nicknamed Van so that the show can be called "Van Helsing" despite not featuring legendary vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, will return in the third season. We know this because star Overton posted a video on Instagram of herself in character, saying, "That's a wrap on season 3!"

This is exciting news for fans, because it at least says that her character's not dead, which was far from certain by the end of season 2 (bearing in mind that "dead" is a relative term in a vampire show). 

The show's writers have also been sharing details of the third season's production on their collective Twitter account, saying that editing is coming along nicely. That may be a less sexy update than "I'm not dead," but it's exciting in that it's the closest thing we have to a return date.

Syfy has said the show will be back "this fall," but that covers a lot of ground. If the producers are most of the way through editing, though, we can at least hope for mid-fall instead of, say, late December.


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