Q: What happened to the TV show "Married at First Sight"? I can't find it anywhere.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

The answer depends on how patient you are.

If you're wondering why it's been two months since you last saw an episode, that's because the season ended. The show's most recent episode -- the reunion special that capped off season 5 -- aired at the beginning of August.

If, on the other hand, it's been almost a year since you've seen it, it's because no one told you it moved networks.

"Married at First Sight," a reality show about single people who take the enormous risk of marrying complete strangers and then agree to film the aftermath, began its (American) life on the FYI channel. However, its fifth season, which ran from April to August of this year, aired on FYI's big-sister station, Lifetime (both are part of the A E Networks chain). It was paired with a new spinoff, "Married at First Sight: Second Chances," which is about a couple from season 3 of the original series trying to find love again after divorcing.

I say the original began its "American" life on FYI because it's actually an adaptation of a franchise model that started in Denmark. Versions have aired in countries all over the world, including Britain, Australia and Bulgaria.

There's been no word so far on renewals for "Married at First Sight" or its spinoff, but it was a pretty big hit for FYI, and the move to Lifetime suggests the company has a lot of faith in the show. 


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