Q: What ever happened to "Rehab Addict"? Are we ever going to see some new shows from Nicole Curtis? I have learned so much from her and really miss her shows.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

A lot has happened to Nicole Curtis since May 2016, when the season 7 finale of "Rehab Addict" aired on HGTV. She's faced multiple personal and legal challenges (and some that are both) in the year and a half since she finished filming the most recent season. The good news, however, is she's currently busy filming season 8.

No date has been announced for the new installment, but her Facebook page has been filled for the past few months with photos of her hard at work on a new series of renos.

Being busy with work again is probably bittersweet for Curtis -- it's taking her mind off her legal and family troubles, but taking her time away from her 2-year-old son as well.

In a very frank interview with Country Living magazine, she explained that her show's hiatus was due to her desire to care for her new son and her recently widowed grandfather. Her son, Harper, was born in May 2015, but maternity leave just wasn't an option at the time. "We had contracts to get through. I went from giving birth to filming and building."

As soon as those obligations were completed, she decided to take some family time. However, that was almost immediately complicated by the death of her grandmother. Care of her 91-year-old grandfather fell to her.

There have also been legal battles going on at the same time. She's been fighting with her ex-boyfriend for custody of Harper, while being sued by the state of Minnesota, and by her own mother (she's been a little less open about that one).

These accumulated pressures forced her to prioritize. "My life is absolutely not perfect," she told Country Living. "The most important thing for me is to be strong for my children and my grandfather."

Right now, that means a very physical kind of strength, as she gets back to the business of rebuilding houses.


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