Q: What ever happened to Meg Ryan? I feel like she's disappeared.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

I have two pieces of good news for you: One is you're right, and the other is that's about to change.

Meg Ryan was once a fixture of the big screen -- an America's-sweetheart type who seemed poised for an endless stream of starring roles in beloved romantic comedies. She was landing one or two leading roles per year from the late '80s straight into the '00s, but at that point her activity dropped off pretty suddenly and stopped completely for years at a time. Her most recent credit is the indie 2015 war drama "Ithaca," which she directed and starred in.

However, she's poised for a return, with both a new rom-com film (which she's written and will likely direct), and a new sitcom she's developing with "Saturday Night Live" honcho Lorne Michaels.

Perhaps to get some early buzz going for these two projects, Ryan gave a sprawling interview to the New York Times recently, in which she explained her absence from the big screen.

It's a pretty honest discussion -- she said her success meant she was always on set and never able to "have my own thoughts." But she also admitted that around the time she was falling out of love with Hollywood, it was falling out of love with her. Two of her starring projects around that time, "In the Cut" (2003) and "Against the Ropes" (2004), were critical and commercial flops, and their lack of success fed her distaste for the business.

But she also said she's getting some of her passion back after her time away. That did not, unfortunately, extend to providing many details about her new projects. She said she was afraid she'd be "jinxing it" by talking about them.


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