Q: Were the Rambo movies based on books? I just saw an ebook copy of the second one, but I thought they were just movies. 

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Yes and no. The first one was based on a novel, the others were not. However, you weren't hallucinating that ebook of the sequel. Confused yet?

Author David Morrell wrote the novel "First Blood" in 1972, and 10 years later it was turned into the movie that introduced John Rambo to the movie-going world.

The film was a huge success, and star Sylvester Stallone immediately started working on a sequel. He wrote the screenplay himself, with help from fellow Hollywood hitmaker James Cameron. However, he called Morrell in to write a novelization of his script -- a book based on a movie, instead of the other way around.

Morrell repeated the trick for "Rambo III," which was released (film and book) in 1988.

Morrell didn't adapt the fourth film, simply titled "Rambo" and released in 2008, nor the fifth (and reportedly final) film in the franchise, "Rambo: Last Blood," due for release in September.

However, if you're hungry for more Rambo on the page, Morrell wrote a memoir of sorts called "Rambo and Me," in which he recounts the influences and process behind the creation of his famous hero.

And if you've developed a taste for Morrell's voice, he's written many other novels over the years, which can be found on his website, davidmorrell.net.


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