Q: Was that Parker Posey in "Blade: Trinity"? It looked like her, but she seems like an odd fit.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Yes, that is Parker Posey playing the villainous vampire Danica in 2004's "Blade: Trinity," and you're not alone in thinking she was a strange choice for the role. She thought so, too.

Posey described being pressured by her agent to give it a try, despite being unhappy with the trend toward comic book and fantasy movies that was happening at the time. But she settled on a pretty positive outlook: "Hey, just because it's not my bag doesn't mean it's not in my makeup bag."

That clever quip comes straight from her memoir, "You're on an Airplane" (she explains the title in the book), in which she devotes a whole chapter to her surreal "Blade" experience, not because it was a significant moment in her career but because, as you say, it was an odd one.

It's not that she was too big for the part of a supporting villain in a sequel film -- if anything, it's the opposite. This was a big-budget action movie, part of a huge franchise, and she was an indie-movie darling known for quirky, quiet, comedic roles.

Her comment about the makeup bag wasn't just a metaphor, though. "I was skeptical about 'Blade: Trinity' but when I got my fangs, I got more into it."

That said, she offered some proof on set that she wasn't a natural choice for this sort of movie. At the end of the chapter, she shares a sadly relatable anecdote about being unable to stop making pew-pew-pew noises with her mouth while firing a gun in an action scene.


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