Q: Two shows that I've thoroughly enjoyed these past few years are "TURN: Washington's Spies" and "The Last Ship," but I haven't heard anything about them recently. Will they be returning?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

The news on your two shows is sort of good and great, respectively.

To start with, both are spring-summer shows, which is why you haven't heard much about them lately. And also, to start with, they'll both be coming back this spring-summer.

However, that'll be it for "TURN: Washington's Spies." When AMC renewed the show for a fourth season, it was clear that would be its last.

Series creator Craig Silverstein chose to look on the bright side of that news. "I am so pleased to be able to bring the story of the Culper Ring to its epic conclusion, at the point where the revolutionary war ends and the great American experiment truly begins," he said in the official announcement of the renewal (and cancelation).

No date was announced with the news, but all three previous seasons ran from April to June, so this one will likely do the same.

As for "The Last Ship," the news is unambiguously good. Not only has it been renewed for a fourth season, to air this June, but it's already been renewed for a fifth as well.

This might sound like an enormous vote of confidence from its broadcaster, TNT, but apparently this was actually a budgetary decision. The two seasons will shoot at the same time, which is faster and cheaper than doing them separately.

Of course, TNT doesn't mention that little detail when enthusing about the show. "We look forward to watching the cast and production team ratchet up the drama, action and suspense even more over the next two seasons through summer 2018," said Sarah Aubrey, TNT's executive vice-president of original programming.


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