Q: On that TV show "Science of Stupid," they had a very entertaining host whose last name was Herzog, but I noticed lately they have a different host with an English accent. This gent isn't as entertaining.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

All of the biggest reality shows -- "Survivor," "American Idol," and "The Amazing Race," to name a few -- have had different versions produced for different countries, with only the format staying the same.

That goes for National Geographic Channel's "Science of Stupid," too. And while the U.S. version, hosted by American comedian Seth Herzog, may not have panned out so well, the British version, hosted by familiar reality-TV persona Richard Hammond, is doing better.

To make things more confusing, if you saw both versions, then you're probably watching the Canadian version of National Geographic Channel. Canada didn't get its own version of "Science of Stupid," but it gets to watch everybody else's.

The U.S. version debuted in June, but by August Herzog wrote on Twitter that he was in the process of being fired. He said the network told him it was "'going in another direction,' so that might be end!"

So far that has been the end. Though no official cancelation announcement has been made, no new episodes of the U.S. version have been produced. Meanwhile, the British version has been renewed for a second season.

It might not be surprising that its version did better, considering that its host has a much higher profile. Hammond is a co-host of Britain's smash-hit series "Top Gear," which is ostensibly an automobile-review show, but is really more like a comedy-travel show made by car geeks.

It remains to be seen what the U.S. National Geographic Channel will do with "Science of Stupid." Since it only debuted in June, there's still time to crank out some new episodes, though if Herzog is to be believed, they'll have a different host. Otherwise, the channel may opt to just pick up the British version instead (we're all speaking English, after all, with a few modifications).


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