Q: They're making a "Game of Thrones" sequel series, right? What can you tell me about it?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Yes, and I can tell you quite a lot, fortunately.

It's not that HBO is suddenly being generous with details after years of being stingy. But given that the "Game of Thrones" prequel show (or shows, perhaps) will take place in a fantasy universe that's already been built in the original, small details say a lot.

For example, I can tell you for a fact that it will take place "thousands of years" before the original show, meaning it will tell some of the stories that exist as half-remembered legends in the original series.

The biggest one of those -- and this comes from HBO's official synopsis, rather than the mounds of internet speculation that can be found elsewhere -- is that the untitled prequel will unveil "the true origin of the White Walkers." They, of course, were a key enemy in "Game of Thrones," treated like a force of nature rather than characters with a past. This prequel series may change that view a little.

HBO also says the show chronicles "the world's descent from the Age of Heroes." That is a bit of bait to readers of George R.R. Martin's source novels, who know that the Age of Heroes was the period when the great houses that drive the politics on "Game of Thrones" were founded.

The most exciting news, perhaps (at least, it'll excite you if you've bothered to read this far), is that this is just the first prequel series in the works. 

Martin, the author of the books, said on his blog that there are two others being developed. He said they're "in the script stage" but wouldn't divulge any actual details, of course.


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