Q: Is there going to be a "Golden Girls" reunion/reboot? It seems pretty ripe -- at least as ripe as "Roseanne."

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

You certainly have a point. "The Golden Girls" remains a well-loved sitcom that's remained in the public consciousness thanks to the younger generation's embrace of Betty White, and thus seems like a perfect candidate for a return, a la "Roseanne," which was (in)famously rebooted last year.

However, "The Golden Girls" has a pretty sad reality to get past: White is the only one of the "Girls" who's still alive.

Bea Arthur (who played Dorothy in the 1985-1992 series) died in 2009, a year after Estelle Getty (Sophia) and a year before Rue McClanahan (Blanche).

White, who was in fact the oldest of the four stars, is the last one standing.

Of course, this doesn't preclude a reboot with new stars. Here's my pitch: a reboot of the show with younger actors and White playing the cantankerous Sophia character.

White's still working, so that part wouldn't necessarily be a problem. She most recently appeared in an episode of the oddball comedy talk show "Fireside Chat With Esther" in January, but was working full time up to 2015 on her last series, "Hot in Cleveland."

In the meantime, you can scratch your "Golden Girls" itch by learning a new language and watching either of the two foreign remakes: the Dutch one released in 2012, or the Chilean version released in 2015 (as "Los AƱos Dorados").


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