Q: Is the tall slender actor known as "Mike" on the Ford and Lee Jeans commercials related to the "All My Children" actor who plays Scott Chandler? They look so much alike.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Put them side by side and you're right, Adam Mayfield (Scott Chandler on "All My Children") and Mike Rowe do look a lot alike, but they're not related. And their careers couldn't be more different.

Mayfield plays a young and filthy-rich heir to the Chandler Enterprises business and fortune on a popular and long-running soap opera.

About the only thing Rowe can relate to there is the "filthy" part. And maybe the soap.

Rowe hosts "Dirty Jobs" on Discovery Channel, which as the name suggests puts him in all kinds of grimy, smelly, messy situations. He's farmed worms, collected roadkill and alligator eggs, wrangled stray chickens and much more in his quest to glorify the unsung heroes of modern industry.

This of course makes him a perfect spokesman for Ford, a car company that's long tried to cultivate a working-man's-car image, as well as Lee Jeans, which have long tried to brand themselves as tough-wear work clothes.

It also makes his day job about as far away from daytime-drama stardom as imaginable.

Not that the work isn't gruelling -- with his show on television for five hours every week year-round (while prime-time dramas get usually an hour a week for 22 episodes at most), it would be common for Mayfield to be on set, working, for 12 hours or more a day. But it's certainly cleaner.

Rowe was born in Baltimore, Md., on March 18, 1962, while Mayfield is a Texarcana, Texas, native born Aug. 2, 1976.

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