Q: Is the show "Barney Miller" in syndication? It seems it would play well with today's audience.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

You can catch Capt. Barney Miller and his squad of mismatched detectives at various weird hours on the schedule, if you look hard enough. It's a fitting state of affairs for a show about people doing good work at odd hours and generally flying under the radar.

For example, Sundance TV has lately been filling up its early morning hours with mini "Miller" marathons. You can also catch it on the WPIX schedule and the Antenna TV.

The series is (rightly) considered a classic, and so it comes and goes from the schedule. If you haven't seen it on your dial lately, it'll quite likely show up soon.

If you can't wait that long, there's always video. Shout Factory, a distribution company doing great work in bringing modern-classic comedy to DVD, released individual seasons of the show, as well as a boxed set containing all eight (plus the first season of the spinoff "Fish").

The show's been off the air a long time -- nearly 37 years, in fact -- but you're right in thinking that it tackled issues that remain timely -- big issues like diversity and, of course, law and order.

"Barney Miller" came back to public attention briefly in 2016 with the sad news that Ron Glass (who played Det. Harris) died. Glass had earned cachet among a new generation by starring in the cultishly beloved sci-fi show "Firefly." And the show received the same ambivalent bump earlier the same year with the death of star Abe Vigoda (Det. Fish himself).


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