Q: Is the pregnancy photo Sarah Jessica Parker gives to the whole family in "The Family Stone" actually a picture of Diane Keaton?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

It is, but with a pretty key difference: Diane Keaton wasn't actually pregnant.

In "The Family Stone" (2005), Keaton plays the matriarch of a big family in New England. The plot revolves around her son, now a New York City hotshot, bringing his uptight new girlfriend home for Christmas to meet everyone.

The girlfriend (played by Sarah Jessica Parker at the peak of her "Sex and the City" fame) is a bit of a disaster, but she redeems herself (somewhat) by giving everyone a thoughtful gift: a framed, artfully shot photograph of the mother while she was pregnant with one of the children.

It's a pretty real moment in a movie full of them, but it was made extra real by the fact that it was actually Keaton in the photograph. However, the director did have to make an addition for the sake of the film. The photo had to be doctored to make her look pregnant, which Keaton had never been (she's adopted two children but never given birth).

Keaton's reactions in that scene were more real than the others — she was legitimately moved by the photo and the scene. "It was the most amazing moment in any movie for me," Keaton said. "When I saw it, all I could think of was my mother because she took the picture. It's like a tribute to my mother."


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