Q: Please tell me what has happened to my favourite TV program, "Nashville"! It has not been on CMT for the past three weeks. What's up? We fans fought hard to keep it on.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Rest assured, "Nashville" and CMT haven't forgotten about you.

It was less than a year ago that CMT announced it was rescuing the music biz drama after it was canceled by ABC, and five months since it debuted on its new network, so fans such as yourself are justified in being miffed to see it leave the schedule again. But it's only a temporary departure, and it ends soon.

The series went on midseason hiatus in March, after a very dramatic ending. That, too, could have given fans some worry. But the show will return June 1 to deal with the fallout of that major event (which you graciously don't spoil in your question, so I won't spoil it in my answer).

In fact, fans don't have to worry for a while. When CMT announced the midseason return date, it also announced it was renewing the show for a sixth season already, which will premiere "early next year."


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