Q: This past month, "Masterpiece" on PBS ran a story called "Flesh and Blood." It ended abruptly a week ago, leaving many stories incomplete. Maybe it was supposed to end that way, but I hope it continues sometime. Do you know?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

There's been no official word about a second season of "Flesh and Blood." At first blush, it looked more like a miniseries, but the creator said a second season is possible. She said that before the first season aired, though, and no one's said much since. That's not a great sign.

It got great buzz ahead of time, loaded with stars who are a big deal over in Britain, at least (though Imelda Staunton's role as Delores Umbridge in the later Harry Potter films made her a fairly big deal everywhere).

An enthusiastic review of the first episode in the Guardian said it "beautifully set up" the other three episodes in the season, but the reviews got worse from there. Discussion of the final episode echoed your own comments — it was a little confusing and left a bunch of its ends loose.

Normally, we'd talk about this as a "cliffhanger" to set up a second season, but most signs pointed to "Flesh and Blood" being designed as a miniseries rather than an ongoing thing.

Four episodes is a short order for a regular series, and the fact that those episodes aired over four straight nights in Britain also feels pretty miniseries-esque.

However, series creator Sarah Williams said she at least has ideas for a second season. "There is further meat on the bone," she told U.K. newspaper The Independent prior to the show's premiere. "I love these characters, I did get very attached to all of them and I would love to follow all of their stories."

The first season aired back in February in the U.K. If this were an American series, we'd probably know by now whether it got a renewal, but British TV is less tied to a yearly schedule.

All we can do is make like Staunton's maybe-creepy neighbor character and be really, really patient.


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