Q: Now that "Elementary" is over, what's Jonny Lee Miller up to?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Having made a pretty big mark on the small screen -- playing the great Sherlock Holmes for seven years on CBS's "Elementary" -- Jonny Lee Miller is returning to film, the medium that made him famous. But he'll be venturing quite a way out of his comfort zone when he gets there.

Miller is best known for crime stories (most notably the two smash-hit Trainspotting films) and historical costume dramas (such as the beloved 2009 TV adaptation of Jane Austen's "Emma"). Indeed, "Elementary" can be seen as a sort of blend of the two, though his Sherlock was a modern-day version rather than the historical one.

All this is to say that fans aren't accustomed to seeing Miller in a space suit.

Yet, he has booked two science-fiction features as his post-"Elementary" projects.

In "Settlers," which is currently in post-production and due out this year, he plays a member of a group of settlers who have fled Earth and taken refuge on the outskirts of a Martian colony.

In "Nine Lives," he will play one of a pair of space station employees (alongside rapper-turned-actor Common) who are put in charge of a group of identical clones. Note, however, that this one is still listed at the pre-production stage, and has been for more than a year (so don't start making your dinner-and-a-movie plans just yet).

It may not be the genre he's known for, but these won't be Miller's first sci-fi projects. In fact, his very first screen role dropped him in the sci-fi deep end: It was an uncredited spot in a 1982 episode of "Doctor Who."


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