Q: My parents and I are trying to find a specific collection of DVDs: the "Little House on the Prairie: Final Farewell Collector's Edition." Can you help us?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

There have been a lot of DVD releases of the classic '70s/'80s family drama "Little House on the Prairie," but I can't find any with that exact name.

But it's possible that the one you're looking for is "Little House on the Prairie: Special Collector's Edition," because, first of all, it includes the telefilm "The Last Farewell" (pretty close to "Final Farewell") and, second of all, it's hard to find.

The "Special Collector's Edition" is the subject of some confusion because what it actually collects is the unofficial 10th season of the beloved show, but it doesn't say so outright. The show technically ended with its ninth season, but the cast (namely Michael Landon) was later convinced to reunite for three TV movies, culminating with a proper finale, titled "The Last Farewell." This is colloquially known as "the 10th season," but not officially.

Prior to this set, the show was released on DVD season by season, and some people were confused and disappointed to see that the Season 9 box, labeled the "final season," does not include the three movies.

The "Special Collector's Edition" set seems to be out of circulation, but those three movies have since been included in other boxes (as I said, there have been a lot).

If you're just looking for the movies, they've been rereleased on their own in a set titled the "Legacy Movie Collection," but they're also now being included in the various complete-series boxed sets available for sale.

If you're taking the latter route, you'll want to make some shelf space: the most popular "complete" set on the market contains 48 discs.


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