Q: My family and I have been faithful viewers of ABC's "Litton's Weekend Adventure." What is going on this year? They are rerunning old shows all the time or making piecemeal shows from previous shows' footage. Are they dropping this great Saturday mornin

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

You can look at the programming model for "Litton's Weekend Adventure" as either designed to keep things somewhat fresh across the whole calendar year or designed to make the job of a TV writer more difficult. Either way, the news for you is good: there's no sign that "Litton's Weekend Adventure" is going anywhere.

It's not a show, it's block of different family-friendly, educational shows -- a whole package of different programs that air together, generally Saturday mornings on many, but not all, ABC affiliates (all those "generallys" and "manys" are what makes this hard for a TV writer). Being a block means that it can air new episodes of some shows and reruns of others (and, as you point out, clip shows made of segments from previous episodes).

It can even bring in new shows mid-season, as it did this year with "Rescue Heroes," which debuted in January, three months after the ninth season of "Litton's Weekend Adventure" officially got underway.

That brings us to the real good news buried here. As I say, the block's approach to programming is a little unorthodox and unpredictable, but it still generally sticks to broadcast television's fall-centric model. Clip shows and late additions aside, officially, "Litton's Weekend Adventure" launches a new "season" every October. And those seasons are not announced until late summer. That means that there's every indication a new season will debut in October, but it hasn't been announced yet.

That's the point when you'll get what you're craving: new episodes of "Ocean Treks," "Wild Countdown" and the rest of the block.

It's worth mentioning here that "Litton's Weekend Adventure" was installed on the ABC affiliates as a replacement for the once-standard block of Saturday morning cartoons. Those blocks were also famous for airing loads of reruns throughout the year, the assumption being, apparently, that kids don't mind reruns as much as adults do.


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