Q: "Manhunt: Deadly Games" was preempted and I never got to see the last episodes. Is there a way to watch them?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

"Manhunt: Deadly Games" has already had a long and complicated broadcast history, and it's only a year old.

As it stands, the places to watch it are on Paramount (the streaming service formerly known as CBS All Access) and Spectrum (another streaming service, but one that's only available in some regions). But given this show's history, that could change at any minute.

"Deadly Games" is technically the second season of the show "Manhunt," which aired on Discovery in 2017. That one dealt primarily with the Unabomber case, while "Deadly Games" focuses on the hunt for the Atlanta Olympics bomber.

"Deadly Games" debuted in early 2020 on Spectrum. Later in the year, CBS picked it up to broadcast on its traditional TV network to fill schedule holes left by the pandemic-related production shutdown. But even that was a rocky process plagued by preemptions and a schedule change that moved it to Saturday night partway through the season.

It remains to be seen if any of the TV platforms involved — Discovery, Spectrum or CBS — will shell out for another season.

But the fact that the show retained viewer interest (including yours) throughout all those moves is evidence that it has a solid fan base. And there are, sadly, always more true crime stories to tell.


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