Q: Is it true that the actress who played Norma on "Twin Peaks" was the girl on "The Mod Squad" back in the '60s?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

"The Mod Squad" was a late-'60s TV phenomenon -- the kind of successful and stylish hit that: a) doesn't age well, and b) dooms its stars to being remembered for that one thing for the rest of their careers.

Peggy Lipton was one of those stars -- the blonde, hippyish girl on the team of cops assigned to go undercover among the era's famously troubled youth.

These days, though, Lipton's role as diner owner and grown-up, star-crossed lover Norma Jennings on the cult favorite series "Twin Peaks" threatens to eclipse her original fame.

That's partly because, unlike "The Mod Squad," "Twin Peaks" seems to have stood the test of time, and is still being watched today, 25 years after it premiered (by viewers such as yourself, it would seem).

But it's also because Lipton is getting the chance to return to the role. Showtime is producing a new season of "Twin Peaks" all these years later, and many of the original actors, possibly including Lipton, are rumored to be returning.

That stands in contrast to the "Mod Squad" revival. In 1999, a big-screen adaptation of "The Mod Squad" was produced, but not one of the three original stars made an appearance. 

There was actually a miniature "Mod Squad" reunion on "Twin Peaks" in 1990. Clarence Williams III, another of "The Mod Squad's" three young cops, guest starred on two episodes of the second season of "Twin Peaks," though he and Lipton only shared one brief scene (the notoriously complicated, soapy drama always had about a dozen different storylines on the go at one time, and theirs barely intersected).


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