Q: I'm sorry, "Married... With Children" had a spinoff?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Yes, the notorious but also hugely successful sitcom had at least one spinoff. I say "at least" because it may have had two or even four, depending on your definition of spinoff.

"Top of the Heap" was a real series that launched in 1991, as an episode of "Married... With Children" (what's known as a back-door pilot). It featured future "Friends" star Matt LeBlanc as a poor guy living with his dad, trying to get rich by working at a country club. It aired for just seven episodes in total before being canceled.

Well, sort of canceled. It was revived a year later, appearing under the title "Vinnie & Bobby," having dropped the father character and changed a few other plot points. This version, too, lasted just a handful of episodes before getting the ax.

There were also two attempted spinoffs that were never picked up to series.

Episode 207 of "Married... With Children," titled "Radio Free Trumaine," was supposed to be the launch of a series about a couple of campus-radio DJs at "Married" character Bud Bundy's (David Faustino) university. Episode 231, titled "Enemies," was intended as a spinoff about a group of Kelly Bundy's (Christina Applegate) friends.

In fact, a modern-day spinoff of the series was discussed just a couple of years ago, but seems to have been scuttled due to rights issues.


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