Q: I'm a big fan of the Tyler Perry series "If Loving You is Wrong." Will it be coming back? It would be very strange for Tyler to let it end the way it did, with so many unanswered questions.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Normally I'd say that it's not the creator's fault since, generally speaking, when a show is canceled, the writers don't have time to craft a neat ending. But that wasn't really the case here.

That's my way of breaking the news gently, by the way: "If Loving You is Wrong" is finished after five drama-filled seasons on OWN.

We actually knew this a while ago. OWN announced back in February (which seems like a lifetime ago) that the fifth season, airing in the spring, would be the last.

In Perry's defense, that might not mean he had sufficient notice to write and shoot a finale in which all the many plotlines are resolved. The show began airing just a few weeks after this announcement was made, meaning the episodes were probably already filmed by that point.

And in his further defense, he and the network did air a reunion special two weeks after the final episode. The reunion promised to answer many of the questions you refer to, though (non-spoiler alert) it didn't really deliver on that.

Instead, the reunion was mostly just that — a chance for the cast to get together again, take their masks off (so to speak) and talk about their experiences on the show. They did speculate about what could have happened to their characters in the hypothetical future they didn't get, but it was just speculation — it was pretty clear they had no extra insight.

The reunion got some good reviews, though, proving what you show in your question: fans weren't quite done with the show, and any extra bit they could get was appreciated.


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