Q: I would like to know why Mark Walberg is no longer on "Antiques Roadshow." The only voice I hear is a woman's.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

No one has said why, but two possible (related) theories present themselves, and both suggest that we probably should have seen this coming.

A few years ago, host Mark L. Walberg went from being an on-camera staple of the show to being an unseen narrator. At the time, the show's executive producer said this was part of a larger overhaul to put more emphasis on the appraisals and that there were no plans to cut Walberg out entirely. However, here we are four years later and he's gone.

Theory one is that the show gave him the shove, either because they wanted a fresh approach or because they couldn't justify having such a big star only doing voiceovers.

That brings us to the second theory, which is that Walberg left because -- well, for the same reason. He's an in-demand host with lots of shows on his resume, including most recently the high-profile USA Network revival of "Temptation Island." It could be that he was too busy to justify using his famous face for voice-only work.

The voice that took his place, by the way, is that of up-and-coming actress Coral Pena. She made a name for herself with a role in the 2017 Steven Spielberg biodrama "The Post," but she has a number of other roles on her resume, including most recently a five-episode run on the NBC drama "The Enemy Within."


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