Q: I was watching a show on National Geographic Channel or History in September about early American settlers in conflict with native tribes. The word "Bark" was part of the title. Are there more episodes coming?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

You aren't alone in wanting more episodes of "Barkskins" (you were halfway there), but there's a good chance you won't get it.

National Geographic Channel officially billed this show — its first foray into fictional programming — as a "limited series," and that's supposed to mean one season, one complete story. And in that sense, "Barkskins" did not deliver.

"Cliffhangers are nothing new," TVfanatic.com reviewer Dale McGarrigle complained of the show's finale, "but usually they come at the end of a potentially ongoing series. Limited series usually include, oh, I don't know, conclusions."

While the show's final episode did indeed leave a lot of questions open, as is often the case, it seems that the "limited" tag is negotiable.

Series creator Elwood Reid said he does see this show ending, but not yet. "I think stories have finite beginnings and ends, and I definitely feel that with this story," he told pop-culture site AssignmentX.com. "I think you could accomplish a really great, satisfying story in four seasons, maybe five at the most."

It is, of course, not up to him. National Geographic hasn't made a decision either way, and it's tough to even guess. Because fictional shows aren't really the channel's core business, it's hard to say what they expect in terms of ratings. The first season averaged 704,000 viewers per episode, which isn't great, even for cable, and its ratings dropped significantly over the course of the season. However, it generated significant awards-season buzz — something the cable channel doesn't often get.

If it doesn't get a pickup, there's still a chance for some resolution. "Barkskins" is based on a book of the same name by author Annie Proulx, and Reid admitted that he only drew on the first part of the sprawling book for his plot lines. There's plenty more story there if you need it.


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