Q: I was trying to find the start time for the next season of “APB,” and there seems to be some suggestion that it won't return. Sure hope that’s not true.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Sadly, it's not a suggestion anymore. "APB" has been canceled.

The techno-thriller cop show finished its first season Monday, April 24, and at least Fox was merciful -- it officially canceled the show just a few weeks later, on May 11.

Series writer Trey Callaway took to Twitter to deliver the news to fans, and the eulogy. "I'm very disappointed to announce that 'APB' has been canceled. We had many amazing stories left to tell, but I'm incredibly proud of everything we accomplished ... 'Gideon out.'"

The "Gideon" he's referring to is the show's main character, Gideon Reeves, a tech-industry billionaire who buys control of Chicago's troubled 13th police precinct after witnessing his friend's murder. He transforms the district into a test lab for high-tech crime-fighting tools. Reeves was played by Justin Kirk, best known previously as the scene-stealing Uncle Andy in Showtime's "Weeds."

However, the biggest name associated with the show was creator Matt Nix, who previously created and wrote the long-running USA Network hit "Burn Notice." These days, though, he's being talked about more as the guy writing "The Gifted," the new Marvel Comics TV show based in the X-Men universe. That one's also airing on Fox, so he likely has no hard feelings about the "APB" cancellation.

The decision was also based on some undeniable numbers. The show averaged 3.4 million viewers per week, which isn't terrible. That average, however, hides a troubling downward trend -- more than 6 million people watched the premiere, while only 2.7 million watched the finale. The show lost viewers in all but two of its 12 weeks on the air.


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