Q: I recently learned there was a TV show called "Matrix" that was out years before the movie. Do they have anything to do with each other?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

They have one pretty big factor in common, but she seems to be there by chance.

Carrie-Anne Moss co-starred in the short-lived 1993 TV series "Matrix," six years before jumping onto Hollywood's A-list with her role as Trinity in the 1999 blockbuster sci-fi hit "The Matrix" and its sequels.

The older show, "Matrix," was produced in Moss's native Canada (it shot in Toronto, while she's from Vancouver) and starred B-movie great Nick Mancuso ("Death Ship," 1980) as a hitman who tries to redeem himself after a near-death experience and (possible) encounter with God. That's a pretty big swing as a premise, but it didn't pay off: The show was canceled after one 13-episode season.

Perhaps that's another thing the two properties have in common: The cinematic Matrix franchise films feature one of the most famously ambitious premises of all time as they offer nothing less than a re-examination of the nature of perception and of reality itself.

The protagonist of the "Matrix" TV show is just sent back to the real world to right some wrongs. The protagonist of the movie "The Matrix" is told that there is no real world to go back to. Or maybe there is, but he's not in it. Or maybe he is. (It gets complicated.)


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