Q: I love the BBC adaptation of "Bleak House" -- I've watched it a number of times. I'm sure I've seen Mr. Jarndyce in something else, but I can't think of what, and it's driving me crazy.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

How good of a memory do you have for faces? And/or how much of a nerd are you?

By far, Denis Lawson's biggest role was as Wedge in the original "Star Wars" trilogy. That was nearly three decades before "Bleak House," when he was a younger (and darker-haired) man, but the face is the same.

Wedge was a side character who only got a few lines in those movies, but they're among the most-watched and rewatched movies of all time, so it's still his biggest role.

He's had recurring roles on the medical drama "Holby City" (in seasons 4 through 6, and more recently in Season 21) and in a few of the later seasons of the cop show "New Tricks" (reuniting him with his "Bleak House" co-star Alun Armstrong).

Assuming you first met "Bleak House" through PBS's "Masterpiece" series, you may know him from his role in a 2007 Miss Marple story called "Ordeal by Innocence" (he played the patriarch of the Argyle family) or through 1998's "Horatio Hornblower: The Fire Ship" (that one actually aired on A&E, not PBS, but the audiences were likely pretty similar).

Even if you recognize him specifically in his grey-haired guise, it could still be "Star Wars." He reprised his Wedge role, briefly again, in the 2019 sequel, "Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker."


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