Q: I know the main agent in "Get Smart" is Maxwell Smart, but do they ever say the name of Agent 99?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

This was a matter of confusion for decades, until Agent 99 herself came out of retirement to clear it up in 2016.

Barbara Feldon, who played the oh-so-'60s super spy on all five seasons of "Get Smart," did an interview with Forbes magazine in 2016 in which she spoke with great fondness about the role for which she's best remembered. Most importantly, the interviewer asked point-blank whether Agent 99 had another name, and she revealed that, like yourself, it's something that bothered her for years after the show ended in 1970.

"I wasn't sure until I saw Buck [Henry, one of the show's creators] again a while back, and he said absolutely not."

This contradicts many fans who have maintained that her name was, in fact, Susan Hilton, as revealed in the 1968 episode "99 Loses CONTROL."

Agent 99 says at the end of that episode that Hilton was just another alias (her character had several), but in the world of international espionage, who's to say who's telling the truth and who isn't?

Well, Buck Henry can say. "Susan Hilton was a primer name they used in one of the episodes," Feldon explained in the Forbes interview, "but he said no, she was just a number."

Of course, shortly after that, she did get at least part of a name: She became Mrs. Smart when she and Maxwell (alias Agent 86) got married in the following season.


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