Q: I just finished watching the fifth season of "Longmire" and I'm wondering if there are going to be any more episodes.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

For you, yes, but not many.

The good news, strangely, is that you're behind. The sixth season of "Longmire" has been available on Netflix since November 2017 (Netflix generally posts its shows one full season at a time).

The bad news is that six is it. The streaming service announced in advance of the new release that it would be the "final chapter" of the western drama.

That in itself is another good-news, bad-news situation. Planning the end in advance means the show can offer some closure at the end, which is something fans nearly missed out on when the show was first canceled after Season 3. Back then, A&E's cancellation of "Longmire" came as a surprise to the writers as much as to the fans. Netflix's revival of the show let the story continue, and its advance cancellation notice allowed the writers to wrap things up.

However, the end of the show isn't actually the end of the story. The show was based on a book series by author Craig Johnson, and he made clear in an interview with Publishers Weekly that he "will continue writing the novels after the demise of the television series."

Johnson recently announced that the next novel in the series, titled "Land of Wolves," will be released in September.


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