Q: I haven't been able to find out anything online about whether there will be another "Sing-Off" a capella competition on TV anytime in the future. It was so incredibly entertaining the several times it aired, I think on NBC. I wondered if you knew more.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

The only thing I know is you can never say never with "The Sing-Off."

NBC has seemed to have canceled the series twice, only to revive it and then cancel it again. That said, the most recent cancellation, which wasn't all that recent at all, seems to have stuck.

The a capella singing-competition series debuted in 2009, aired for three seasons, and then was seemingly canceled in 2012. NBC revived it a year later for a fourth season, let it disappear again, but then brought it back again for a one-night Christmas special in 2014.

It hasn't been seen since, though, which suggests NBC is finally done with the series.

However, "The Sing-Off's" concept is such that it could be brought back at any time. The moment the network finds a big enough batch of promising young singers, and is able to get a hold of the often-underemployed Nick Lachey, it could come out with a new season -- the format doesn't get old.

Proof of that can be found in the surprising success of the Pentatonix. The group, which won season 3 of "The Sing-Off," has sustained its popularity in the subsequent years, winning a Grammy in 2017, five years after the "Sing-Off" victory.

But as I said before, as things stand, there's no hint of another season.


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