Q: How is the show "Love It or List It" able to renovate three bathrooms and a kitchen, redo a garage into a rec room and then paint the entire house for a budget of $70,000? Are the products donated and the workers volunteering?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Spoken like someone who knows their way around a renovation project. And your expertise hasn't failed you here. "Love It or List It" is able to make such spectacular transformations on unspectacular budgets thanks to a lot of donations. However, you shouldn't necessarily confuse donation with generosity.

"Love It or List It" is a huge show, and having your brand associated with it is a huge benefit. The show isn't shy about promoting the companies and people who provide discounted materials and free labor.

The clearest example of this is on the show's website. It offers a "shopping guide" for each episode, where viewers can check out the products and vendors featured and be directed straight to their websites to buy them. These companies are having their names and products placed directly in front of audiences who are at least considering buying these very things -- it's a masterpiece of targeted advertising.

The show, of course, gets the benefit of producing amazing transformations for what on paper is a very small price.

The only loser in the deal would be any audience member who tries to undertake a similar reno project with the same budget.


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