Q: How many hosts have they had on "America's Got Talent"? It seems like they change every season.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

It only seems like they change hosts every season, probably because the show's so breezy and quick -- it sweeps into our lives at the end of spring and is gone before the summer is over.

That said, there certainly have been a lot of hosts -- five of them across 15 seasons.

Hosting institution Regis Philbin started the cavalcade when the show launched in 2006. But he was gone by Season 2, when a different sort of hosting great stepped in -- Jerry Springer. He lasted two seasons before passing the mic to the longest-standing host, actor-rapper-comedian Nick Cannon.

Eight seasons later, Cannon gave way to supermodel and reality host Tyra Banks, who did two seasons before actor and retired football player Terry Crews stepped in. And that's where we are today.

Neither Crews nor NBC has made any statements about his future beyond the current season (his second), but if he signs on for just one more, he becomes the second-longest host in the show's history, though he's a long way from Cannon.

It's worth noting that this revolving door for hosts is not a necessary part of the format. "Britain's Got Talent" (which was supposed to come first but was delayed and didn't debut until 2007) has had the same two hosts since it began -- popular TV duo Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, better known (to Brits, at least) as Ant & Dec.


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