Q: Has anyone ever been kicked off "Big Brother" for breaking the rules?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

The details depend on which version you're referring to, but regardless, the answer is yes.

Four contestants have been ejected from the U.S. edition of "Big Brother" over the years, and two more from "Big Brother Canada" met the same fate. ("Ejected" is, of course, different from being "evicted," which happens to just about every contestant at some point or another.)

Houseguests are ejected when they break one or more of the house rules to such a degree that the producers have to get rid of them.

There's a rule in each "Big Brother" show around the world stating that housemates shouldn't intimidate or be violent toward one another, and that's generally the one that leads to ejections.

In the U.S. version, Justin Sebik (Season 2), Scott Weintraub (Season 4) and Willie Hantz (Season 14) were all ejected for violent behavior.

In the Canadian version, Season 8 contestants Jamar Lee and Kyle Rozendal were both sent home for violent and/or intimidating behavior -- mostly towards each other, but it spilled over to other guests as well.

Indeed, of the six North American contestants to get themselves expelled, only Chima Simone (U.S. Season 11) did so for non-violent reasons. She was kicked off for various rule violations, including covering up cameras, not wearing her microphone and refusing to go to the Diary Room.

Ejections are less rare in some of the other versions of the show. The Philippine version holds the record for the most ejections -- 26 across 15 seasons, with six of those from a single season (the fourth): also a franchise record.


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