Q: Gwyneth Paltrow did an amazing job during her stint on "Glee." Has she ever been on Broadway?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Just once, and it didn't require her to actually be on stage.

Gwyneth Paltrow served as a producer for the musical "Head Over Heels," a mashup of the music of legendary '80s pop group The Go-Go's, and a story taken from a 16th-century English poem.

The combo worked better than it might sound, but not well enough. The show ran just 188 regular performances back in 2018, which, in Broadway circles, makes it a flop. (In the breathless language the New York Post uses for Broadway news, this show was "a disaster.")

We can hope that this experience didn't totally sour Broadway for Paltrow because, as you point out, she does have a pretty good set of pipes.

She did that five-episode run on "Glee," the musical nerd's musical show, but she's still primarily a film star, and that's where she's done most of her singing, too.

She sang a number of songs in her hit 2010 film "Country Strong," which led to her performing the film's title song on all the awards shows that year (well, not "all" of them, but she did perform at the Oscars, Golden Globes and CMAs).

And "Country Strong" wasn't her first musical film. She also starred in 2000's "Duets," a karaoke film that came at the height of the karaoke craze. It also yielded a pop hit in the form of "Cruisin'," a duet with co-star Huey Lewis.

You might hope for another run at Broadway, but most of Paltrow's time these days is taken up with her wellness brand/marketing empire, Goop.


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