Q: "Good Witch" just ended again and it kind of left us hanging. Do you think it will return again? It has done this before.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Depending on your perspective, Hallmark's "Good Witch" has either been a frustrating show to love over the years or a faithful TV friend. Either way, it makes it hard to believe the most recent episode, which aired at the end of July, was the last one. Hallmark announced the cancellation just 16 days before the final episode aired.

Following seven seasons of popular programming, that sudden decision turned what would have been a season finale into the series finale, so it's impressive that viewers even got as much resolution as they did.

That said, there were still avenues left unexplored, as the key cast members were all poised to launch onto new adventures either separately or together. This automatically led to speculation of either a spinoff series or at least another telefilm. The latter option is certainly not new terrain for "Good Witch."

As you may know, it started as a TV movie and was only later adapted to series, soon settling into a hybrid model with a short season in the summer followed by a film-length special every October.

So, though Hallmark said the show is over (unequivocally, in a news release, which is a rare step), that doesn't necessarily mean it's done with the witches of Middleton -- but it might.

Hallmark itself hasn't suggested another movie yet -- this is just speculation -- so your best approach might be to assume it's over so as not to get your hopes up. This way, you may be pleasantly surprised if your faithful friend comes through one more time.


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