Q: The girl who plays Kensi on "NCIS: Los Angeles" has very beautiful eyes. However, her right eye seems to be different from her left. I do not know if its color is not the same or if something else is different. Do you know anything about this?

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Despite the fact that it has two leading men -- Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J -- and the fact that both are established Hollywood stars, it seems like much of the talk about the cast of "NCIS: Los Angeles" is about Daniela Ruah. And much of the talk about Ruah is about her unusual eyes.

She has a birthmark on her right iris that makes it mostly black, while her left eye is hazel. The Portuguese-American actress said in an interview with USA Today that, while it works fine with her "NCIS" character, she hasn't been averse to changing things up as the job requires.

"Back in Portugal there was a role I played where we decided to put a dark contact lens in my lighter eye, so they would be both be dark brown/black, and that gave the character a beadier look. She wasn't a nice person, so that functioned very well for the character. But in general, I avoid putting anything in my eyes."

Relatively new to American audiences, Ruah was a soap opera sensation in Portugal, where she moved when she was five (she was actually born in Boston).

She starred in literally hundreds of episodes of four different series there since getting her start in 2001.



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