Q: In the episode of "Two and a Half Men" with Sean Penn and Elvis Costello, who played the bookie?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

That was Bobby Cooper, a lesser-known star (compared to the rest of the people in that room), whose presence was likely due to the fact that Sean Penn seems to love him.

Aside from that legendary "Two and a Half Men" scene, Cooper's best-known role was in the 2001 film "I Am Sam," which, of course, starred Penn in the title role. Prior to that, the two worked together in the 1997 romance "She's So Lovely" and the 1995 thriller "The Crossing Guard" (which Penn didn't star in, but did direct, write and co-produce).

Cooper has also been favored by another powerful Hollywood figure: director-writer-actor Nick Cassavetes (who is also the son of the even more famous director-writer-actor John Cassavetes). Cooper has appeared in two of Nick Cassavetes's films so far: the 1996 romance "Unhook the Stars" and the critically acclaimed 2006 crime-drama "Alpha Dog."

Interestingly, that covers most of the hard-looking character actor's résumé. He's done a grand total of eight films, five of which were either Penn or Cassavetes projects.


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