Q: Does British actor Tom Wisdom have any projects in the works since "Dominion" was canceled?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Sadly no. He had one very brief one, but it's come and gone.

"Dominion" was canceled in October 2015, shortly after the season 2 finale aired. Tom Wisdom's only screen appearance since then was a 2016 episode of Fox's "Bones."

The episode was titled "The Jewel in the Crown." In it, Wisdom plays a somewhat snooty jewel expert who helps Booth and Brennan on a case but turns out to be more involved than it seems at first.

As one-off guest roles go, it was a fairly meaty one, but that's all it was. And he hasn't taken on a role since.

Indeed, "Dominion's" three young stars have had mixed success transitioning away from the Syfy series. Wisdom (who played the militant angel Michael) and Christopher Egan (the human soldier, Alex) both haven't done much since. Roxanne McKee (Claire) has had better luck, appearing in the 2016 TV film "Crossfire" and landing a role in the next season of the Cinemax drama "Strike Back."


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