Q: Did Elton John ever do any acting?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

For decades, it seemed like a one-and-done situation for Elton John. Having played the Pinball Wizard in the mid-film climax of the classic rock opera "Tommy" (1975), it seemed as if John would never act again.

How do you top such an iconic role in an iconic film? With "Bob the Builder," apparently. John's only other acting role was in the 2001 Christmas special of this popular British children's cartoon.

However, he wasn't exactly challenging himself as an actor here -- he played an aspiring young singer named John (first name -- no last name given) who gets his big break during the town's Christmas concert, performing "Crocodile Rock" (which is, of course, one of Elton John's classic hits).

Note, however, that all this assumes a fairly narrow definition of "acting." If we broaden it a bit, the list would include John's turn as the narrator of the 2000 DreamWorks Animation film "The Road to El Dorado," and the many, many times he played himself in sitcoms over the years.


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