Q: Can you tell me who played the Russian spy Valeria in "Designated Survivor"? She looks familiar to me, and I thought she did an excellent job.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

There are a number of reasons you might know Nora Zehetner, as she's covered quite a range of shows as a TV and film supporting star.

She's probably still best known as Dr. Reed Adamson on the 2009-10 season of "Grey's Anatomy." If you remember, her character got a quick write-out at the hands of a grieving man who went on a shooting rampage at the hospital.

This is the sort of thing she's known for -- medium-length, significant arcs in popular shows. Her role as Valeria only lasted five episodes in "Designated Survivor's" second season, but it was central to the season's storyline.

She provided similar services to the series "The Astronaut Wives Club" in 2015 and the first season of NBC's "Heroes" in 2006.

Her longest run was a recurring role in the first two seasons of the WB (later CW) teen drama "Everwood."

She's had a similar run as a supporting player on the big screen, such as in the talky 2017 Sundance fave "It Happened in Hollywood." But in 2015 she got a shot at a lead role in the Amazon-released sci-fi oddity "Creative Control."

You won't have to wait long to see her again. Zehetner's already lined up her next screen gig, and it's a pretty high-profile one -- she has a role in the upcoming series "The Right Stuff," a TV adaptation of the classic non-fiction book by Tom Wolfe, detailing the story of the famed Mercury Seven astronauts. The series will air on the National Geographic channel. 


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