Q: Can you please find out if Animal Planet plans to have new episodes of "Animal Cops: Houston"?

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

I can tell you that they haven't announced any plans, but that doesn't mean much in this case -- "Animal Cops" can sneak up on you.

The Houston edition is just one of many in the "Animal Cops" franchise, which has also included shows in Philadelphia, Detroit and, just for a change, South Africa.

The Houston show last released a new installment in 2015, as part of a brief spate of episodes (too disorganized to call a "season") that brought the show back nearly a decade after its last new episode in 2006. Whether another revival could come is anyone's guess, but nothing of the sort has been announced so far -- the network announced its slate of shows for the 2018-19 season back in the spring, and there wasn't an animal cop among them.

But that could change. The reason the "Animal Cops" shows are able to come back is because the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals isn't going anywhere and, unfortunately, there's never a shortage of animal-cruelty cases for it to investigate. 

The most recent iteration to produce new episodes was based in Phoenix, and that was the result of a similar revival -- it returned in 2017 after eight years away.


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