Q: Are "Baby Driver" and "Drive" based on the same story? They're just so similar.

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

There's no denying the similarities, but according to "Baby Driver" (2017) writer-director Edgar Wright (his movie came out later, so he's the one who has to defend himself), the movie was an original idea he had years before "Drive" was released in 2011.

"Drive," on the other hand, was indeed based on prior source material — a novel of the same name by James Sallis published in 2005.

And yet here we are with two different movies about introverted getaway drivers (with similar characteristics to someone on the autism spectrum) who are sucked into a world of crime simply because they're incredibly good behind the wheel. Their uncomplicated lives are upended when they suddenly fall in love with troubled, somewhat rootless young women and they find their loyalties divided between their newfound loves and the psychopathic father figures who tie them to the criminal world. It's a surprising coincidence, at least.

But according to film critic Patrick Willems, it's no good wondering about the links between the two films because they both enter into a long line of movies about stoic wheelmen (he particularly points to the 1978 film called, guess what, "The Driver") and they all trace back to ancient Japanese samurai stories.

With the similarities between "Drive" and "Baby Driver," you'd think there would be some tension between the people involved. Wright himself thought there would be, until he met "Drive" star Ryan Gosling at a screening of "Baby Driver." Gosling told the director he enjoyed the chase scenes and then, just as his character might have, obsessed over the make and specs of the cars in the film.


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