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Welcome to Lollipop Woods: Food Network brings 'Candy Land' to life

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Michelle Rose / TV Media
Kristin Chenoweth to host "Candy Land"

Kristin Chenoweth to host "Candy Land"

With its candy-themed visuals and "no math or reading required" gameplay, "Candy Land" was probably one of the first board games you or your children (or your friends' children) ever played.

Different versions and new game features have been introduced over the years, including the addition of characters in 1984. Even today, about one million copies are sold each year. It's one of those games that most people remember fondly, and that sense of nostalgia is exactly what Food Network is tapping into with its new competition series.

Premiering Sunday, Nov. 15, on Food Network, "Candy Land" is a sweet new series that brings the Hasbro board game to life. Multi-talented actress Kristin Chenoweth ("Pushing Daisies") is your host for all six episodes but, like Netflix's "Crazy Delicious," the true star of the series might be its set design.

Gumdrop Mountains, Lollipop Woods, Peppermint Forest and more — these are the locations featured in the game, and wait until you see them reimagined as life-sized, edible settings. Expect to see a real-life gingerbread house at Chocolate Mountain and plenty of lemons growing on the vine in Lemon Lime Springs.

Yes, finally, there is some actual candy involved with this version of "Candy Land." But forget about drawing a card to advance; it's a Food Network cake and candy competition after all, so there will be challenges to complete along the way.

In each of the six episodes, the teams of professional cake and sugar artists will have to step into these candy-themed lands to forage for unique flavors and ingredients to create sugary masterpieces. They'll have to present their confections to "Spring Baking Championship" winner Nacho Aguirre and Food Network's Aarti Sequeira, who will judge the showpieces based on creativity, technical execution and how well they incorporated the candies from each land.

The judges determine which team can move along the game path, and the first team to make it to King Kandy's Castle wins the game and the $25,000 grand prize. Of course, there will be a few "curveballs" that will test the contestants' skills, and the challenges will range from designing an edible means of transportation to a one-of-a-kind gift worthy of King Kandy himself.

Immediately after the premiere on Nov. 15, Food Network will air a one-hour special hosted by designer David Bromstad, who will take viewers behind the scenes to see how the set was created. And if you're still craving more, check out FoodNetwork.com for the exclusive web series "Inspired by Candy Land," in which baker Dan Langan creates more confections inspired by the board game.